5 Tips To Grow Your Business

The biggest factors that hold people back and keep them from their dreams are low self esteem and lack of self-confidence. But the great part? You can do something about it.

A lack of self confidence and low self esteem can hold you back personally and in your business life. Overcoming this will help you make the change you need to reach your goals and to go after the life you really want.

There are 5 steps you can take to get past your lack of confidence

Step 1) Stop using words that will hinder your growth. Words such as “might,” “want,” “usually,” “impossible,” “worried,” “confused,” “need,” “likely,” and “hope.”

Step 2) Don’t join in conversations with people who are making fun of others.

Step 3) Change your appearance. Why do you want to look like anyone else? You’re an individual, why not show your individuality? Standing out is the move you want to make and will help you grow.

Step 4) Prove to yourself that you have the control to make decisions. By choosing what you want to do, you’ll be able to make the decisions you want to make.

Step 5) Make the decision you’re just going to start doing it. You need to get comfortable with becoming uncomfortable. If you can’t overcome your fears how are you ever going to be able to run your own business?

A low self esteem and a lack of self confidence can cause you to doubt yourself, limit your potential, and even your income. You can change your outlook and your attitude by make a few adjustments in your personal and work life.

On this week’s Think Tank Tuesday, Paul has 5 simple steps to change your outlook and increase your potential.

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How Simple Is The Video Process for 5 Tips To Grow Your Business?

As simple as possible. We have an uncanny talent of making sure everyone feels comfortable and confident. When your final video is produced it represents you and your business in an authentic and engaging style, which makes your audience want to watch it.

  • Step 1: A scheduled call or meeting with our creative directors to review your goals, answer questions and brainstorm ideas.
  • Step 2: We create your video storyboard and script.
    *The length of time needed varies depending on the type of video we are creating
  • Step 3: Once your video storyboard is approved, we cast, scout locations, wardrobe, and build your props and sets if need be, then we schedule your production day.
  • Step 4: After your production shoot your video goes into editing.
  • Step 5: Deliver! After your edits are approved we deliver your final video in formats suitable for TV, social media, website viewing or Jumbotron display.

On Location Or In-Studio for 5 Tips To Grow Your Business

We travel the world doing video production for our clients and our clients also come from all over the world for production in our studios in the Capital of New York. Our 27,000 sq ft building has shooting locations throughout and our studio is a drive-in studio so we can shoot vehicles and large products on our full seamless cyclorama walls. Simply put, we can come to you or you can come to us and utilize our studio. We also build sets if need be to ensure your video is truly you and unique.

Can I Hire You To Just Shoot Video?

Yes, you can hire us to shoot video only. We can shoot at your location, in our studios or build a set to shoot. After the shoot we can upload raw video to dropbox and/or ship hard drives of the footage – your choice.

Story telling & Story boards for 5 Tips To Grow Your Business

Don't worry about how to tell a story, create a TV commercial, branding video etc. ... that's what we do. The process will be simple and seamless from the concept to completion.

We know you have a unique story; it's our goal to tell it in your video. Who does not love, engage and relate to a good story? The power of storytelling is what separates the average business from the successful and sought after business. Storytelling is something we are passionate about at Potratz and we will create a truly unique and custom video for you that your audience will want to watch and share.

Spokesperson & Voiceovers for 5 Tips To Grow Your Business

Yes we have actors, actresses and voiceover talent of every age that speak English, Spanish, Korean, French, Danish, French Canadian, etc. Considering a slapstick or comedy video? We have talent for that as well!

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