The 90-Day Mystery Shoppers Report Card

53% of all car shoppers purchase after 90 days

Yet less than 10% of dealers engage potential customers to the 90 day mark.

Are you seeing leads but no sales?

Are you happy with the results your current sales process is generating?

Do you know if your process is comparable to your competitors?

How can you pinpoint the problem if you don’t know what your prospective customers are going through?

There’s only one way to determine if your sales process stacks up. That’s where we come in.

Our 90-Day Mystery Shop tracks your team’s sales process from start to finish.

Here’s how it works:

Your dedicated Performance Manager will submit a lead via your website and track the follow up process. From word tracks used, phone calls made, emails & texts sent, as well as length of follow up— we’ll chart exactly how your team is handling your leads for the next three months!

From there, we schedule weekly calls with you to discuss what we’re seeing off the leads we submit on your website, as well as monthly reports. On these calls we’ll break down what went right, what went wrong and where improvements need to be made— culminating in a 90 Day Breakdown Performance Report sent to you upon completion of the Mystery Shop.

Why is this beneficial?

You can’t start to sell more unless you know why you’re not selling in the first place. This Mystery Shop will illuminate EXACTLY what your prospective customers encounter when engaging your dealership.

What we’ve found is that most dealerships THINK they have a process in place, yet never monitor whether or not it’s being followed or if it’s proving successful. The 90-day Mystery Shop leaves you knowing exactly where your customers are dropping off AND why— so you can stop losing leads YOU paid for!

Money well spent
It made me realize we need traing
I got to see what our customrs experience
Actionable data that will increase sales

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