Thinking Outside Tradition

Ryan Norris saved $480K a year by eliminating his traditional advertising budget.

The Issue:

Ryan Norris, Dealer Principle of Toyota of Easley in Easley, South Carolina reached out when he realized how much his traditional advertising was costing him. Not only was it bleeding his budget, but his frustration grew as he couldn’t easily attribute a return he was receiving from his TV, radio and print ads.

Wanting to remove his traditional strategy entirely, this only illuminated another issue— that his traditional advertising served an important purpose as his branding material. To cut it without a strategy in place to supplement that loss would mean a potentially large drop in sales and name recognition.

Dealer Cuts the cord

How reimagining the way video could work for him allowed Ryan Norris to cancel all traditional advertising while increasing sales.

Assessing the Alternatives:

After making media buy budget adjustments and reviewing his advertising engagement and analytics, Ryan noted that the dealership’s presence on spaces like Facebook were yielding strong returns for a fraction of his traditional advertising bill.

After asking his employees if they watch commercials, or traditional TV in general, and seeing the severe lack of hands raised, he knew his customer’s probably weren’t either. That’s when Ryan took the plunge and cancelled his $480,000 annual traditional marketing budget.

Recognizing that Toyota spends exponential funds on advertising in his region to sell Toyota vehicles, we decided to focus on Toyota of Easley, Ryan Norris and the culture and personality of the dealership as a whole as marketing subject— not inventory or sales.

12% increase in New & Used Sales over first 18mo. of switch.

12% increase in New & Used Sales over first 18mo. of switch.

The Resolution:

Looking for creative and innovative ways to supplement the hit his branding strategy endured while focusing on Ryan and his employees as advocates customers can feel comfortable asking questions, we came up with the idea for a Facebook show.

Running once weekly on the Toyota of Easley Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube channel, AskRyan is a short clog that answers commonly asked questions by car buyers. Promising nothing but honestly and transparency with his audience, Ryan was able to not only supplement his branding strategy with his show, while also increasing him increased brand awareness and the trust of his audience.

Since the inception of the AskRyan series, Ryan now spends exponentially less on his advertising while earning more gross and more per sale than his competitors, while saving well over a quarter of a million dollars a year.

All it took was a willingness to take Paul’s direction and go where his competitors had not, trying something out of the ordinary.

Over 18K views on one episode alone!

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