Here’s How Video Sells More

6 Proven-Successful Video Formats That Sell Cars

Video can transform you into a trusted ally for potential customers. By providing engaging videos on topics they’re searching for during the buying cycle, you position your dealership as the knowledgeable, helpful and trusted option in an oversaturated and competitive market.

Search Educate Sell

Elevate Consumer Awareness With Branding Videos

Yes, ads can work great but most of us can smell a sales pitch from a mile away. Branding videos allow you get your face and dealership in front of your audience in a way they’re not expecting; by providing helpful content in the medium they like best. Exhibit why you’re an asset around the clock online!

Develop Retention & Trust With FAQ Videos

FAQ videos confront some of the most commonly asked questions by car shoppers and provides answers in the form of custom videos by you or your dealership, capturing that search traffic and driving it directly to your website. By sharing your knowledge with your audience, you position yourself as both a resource and an authority. FAQ videos have the potential to both distinguish you from your competition, and— raise you above them.

Increase User Engagement & Lot Traffic Social Videos

Developing a unique brand is crucial in differentiating your dealership and building relationships with potential customers. By utilizing social videos across your website and social media outlets– you will establish a brand for your dealership that current and prospective customers can relate to. People buy from people, and video marketing develops that "face-to-face" relationship before a customer even walks through your door.

Build Consumer Interest With
Vehicle Walkaround Videos

Consumers want to see what’s available before they get to the lot. Utilize your team to create engaging vehicle walkaround videos that highlight their knowledge and personality. This leaves you not only with quality video content for your SRPs and VDPs, but tools to help improve your lead handling process. Utilize your walkaround videos to help move model specific leads down the funnel by having your team share them directly with contacts throughout the sales process.

Improve Your Reputation With Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos take your referral traffic to the next level— because they work the same way as a satisfied customer suggesting your services to a family member or friend, except on a limitless scale! By shooting high quality footage of past clients sharing their experiences with you or your dealership, you’re able to showcase the quality you bring to every case to people visiting your website, stopping by your social profile, in your database and beyond.

Connect Across All Screens with TV Commercials

While traditional TV audiences are shrinking, those still watching are extremely engaged. Your competitors haven’t caught up digitally which means they’re still in front of your TV audience, so you should too. We take the traditional car dealer commercial model and flip it on it’s head to create engaging, entertaining videos that drive sales. Plus, we’re affiliated with a variety of Connected TV vendors so can take your commercial beyond broadcast.

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