However some customers believe it would be irresponsible to visit your dealership and others are fearful they could contract the virus.


  • Tell them you can handle all the details via phone, text, email!
  • Tell them you are following all Covid 19 safeguards!

Tell them all of this on Facebook and Instagram with Videos. 

Here is one of our videos:

Same Day and 24 Hour Turnaround!

We can create your video and show you exactly how to get it on Facebook so your customers are seeing it!  

Facebook and Instagram are blowing up as people sit at home on the couch posting and checking out what everyone else is doing. Shoppers are spending hours on these two social platforms.

You have a captured audience and many of them are treating this as a Spring Break… they are wanting to buy and all you have to do is overcome the hurdle of them not wanting to be in your showroom. 

The market has changed and Shoppers will talk to you. Make it easy.

Let me be BLUNT! No telling them that they have to bring their trade in first to get a value. We can talk you through every step of how to do this remotely. We have clients doing it now! 

What You Should Do:

1. Have us produce a series of videos telling these bored shoppers on Facebook and Instagram you will deliver to them.

2. We will write all the copy for your Facebook and Instagram Ads and show you how to post the video; or we can do it for you.

3. We will provide 5 professionally written emails explaining why now is the best time to buy and tell them the deal can be done without them visiting the dealership.

4. We will add ExitGadget – an Exit Intent Message to your website which will give you the name and number of people wanting a phone call back. 

5. We will provide art work for your website telling shoppers why to buy and how they don’t have to visit.