Finally... A Google Audit showing what's working, what's not, & how to reach your best shoppers!

Plus receive your competitors top performing keywords!

Something's Not Right...

Spending more on digital marketing but not selling more cars?

We hear that a lot and with our comprehensive audit of your Google campaigns, we can tell you exactly what to change and not change. Maybe you're just looking for clarification and proof that what your marketing partners are saying is correct. We analyze your accounts and work with your partners to get everything set-up effectively, so if you increase your budget, your sales increase too!

What Is Your Biggest Frustration?

Where Are Your Best Customers?

Seeing a lot of leads coming in but your team is not turning these leads into sales? This is a costly and all too frequent occurrence. Not only is every click costing you money, but so is the turnover of your frustrated and defeated staff.

Our audit provides "High Value Customer Targeting and Plotting", meaning we dive into your past customer data, campaign targeting and most profitable customers. By understanding your past sales data and comparing it to your current campaign targeting we can uncover costly targeting errors that result in a lack of sales. Your digital marketing should be hyper targeted, not a radius drawn around your store in hopes the right customers will find you. Instead we work to identify your perfect customers.

For A Limited Time Only Get Your Competitors Top Performing Keywords Included!

On June 16th Google and Facebook will be ending several 3rd party data integrations

We suspect that will put an end to our ability to pull "Top Performing Competitor Keywords"

We are including this $995 service in the Google Audit Price for a very limited time.  After the countdown ends, we will once again start charging for the Competitors Top Performing Keywords.

$995 Added Value Chart of Success

Bill Penney Toyota is setting statewide records now that their advertising mix is working for them!

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Do You Need to Replace Your Marketing Partners?

Probably not since we have been able to help dealers' marketing partners improve their clients Paid Google Search Campaigns immediately after the audit. The dealer sees an increase in leads and traffic the same day changes are made. The Paid Search budget was able to be reduced 100% of the time.

We have helped a number of marketing partners and dealers increase their own self-generated leads via Google Paid Search so they were able to cancel lead providers such as Auto Trader,, Trader, and other 3rd-party inventory listing sites. That meant they stopped purchasing leads!

60% of the time, our audit includes an immediate recommendation on canceling third parties. Then another 18% of dealers have canceled 3rd parties 30-45 days post-audit.

How Many More Leads Will You Receive?

The goal of the audit is to cut out the money wasted, put it back in your pocket, and have more effective campaigns reaching "High Value Customers" that are interested in purchasing. Through performing this audit, we've pinpointed waste accounting for 40-70% of the budget in a Google Paid Search Campaign.

The waste comes from keywords that don't result in leads, broken links, 404 pages, bad phone numbers, grammar errors, weak headlines, too few negative keywords, wrong targeting areas, too broad of keywords, confusing creative and messages, bad landing pages, and several other issues.

Once the Paid Search Audit is completed and your partners implement the changes with our guidance, we track your sales opportunities and report your increases for 90 days. Sales typically increase by 30-35% monthly within first 90 days if your internet closing percentage is a minimum of 12%.

How Soon Can You Have It?

The Simple Answer: 30 Days from payment and access granted to your Google accounts.

The Details: The first step starts with a Q&A call with one of our dedicated Performance Managers. You’ll grant us access to your Google campaigns and we get started right away!

We complete the Audit within 30 days and then schedule a live webcast call with you, your management team, and your marketing partners. On this call you dive into the actionable items with your dedicated Performance Manager, your marketing specialist that will be working with you and your team for the next 90 days.

This call is the review of your audit results, action items and immediate changes to be implemented to reduce ad waste, align your budget and increase sales. This 30-minute review call is recorded for future review. However, to ensure changes are concise and actionable you and everyone on the call will receive a link to the document from your Performance Manager, in addition to hard copies via mail.

Ryan Norris - Toyota of Easley has dramatically increased sales through their willingness to push boundaries and implement their audit findings!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What do I need to provide for my audit?

After payment is processed, all you'll need to provide is access to your CRM login and Google Adwords account.

What does the audit look like?

The audit is a printed book delivered to your dealership in addition to scheduled phone calls with a dedicated Performance Manager and a digital copy of the audit. Every call will have specific takeaways with milestone deadlines for your agency and/or vendors.

How long does it take?

While there's been significant demand for our complete audit and the Google audit, we're working to provide you with your audit within 30 days. Once you complete the form you will receive a phone call and we will provide an exact date.

Will I actually learn which leads turn into cars sold?

Yes, you'll actually know! Our audit analyzes your sold inventory data against the traffic provided by your PPC campaigns to determine where your highest quality leads are generated.

Can you also audit my social media strategy?

We can absolutely audit your social strategy as an add-on to your Google audit. It's important to consider what's happening in your current social media campaigns as impending targeting restrictions and algorithm updates are due to disrupt many in the coming months. This is an additional service.

Can you help improve lead handling?

We're known in the automotive industry for thorough lead handling best practices trainings, and we can provide that knowledge to your staff. Each lead types requires different levels of nurturing, and we can explain how to handle any lead that comes to your dealership; by email, phone, foot or otherwise. This is an additional service.

Can I contact someone during the audit with questions?

Your audit comes with a Performance Manager dedicated to ensuring you don't end up with just a pile of papers at the end of your audit. They'll be with you every step of the way for the following 90 days; from phone calls with your agency about implementing your new ideas, to conversations with your vendors about providing you with more transparency. Your dedicated Performance Manager will ensure you know exactly what's working and what's not in your Google Campaigns.

Will there be any follow up after the audit is complete?

Your Performance Manager will schedule follow up meetings with you on the 1, 15, 30, 60, 75, and 90 day marks. Your contact isn't limited to these meetings however. You'll be able to contact us with any questions that may arise during the 90 day audit process.

Have a specific question we did not answer?

If you still have a question that we did not answer in the video or on this page then call us at 1-866-492-0330 or email us at
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    One-Time Cost of Audit Includes:
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  • Comprehensive ROI and Reallocation Recommendation Analysis
  • POTRATZ Performance Manager Works With Your Vendors For 90 Days!

PLUS For A Limited Time Only Get Your Competitors' Top Performing Keywords Included!

One of the quickest ways to increase your sales is to know what keywords your competitors are bidding on that WORK! We tell you the keywords lists of up to 3 competitors, providing you with the top performers, that are working for them so your marketing partner will be able to add them immediately to your own campaigns. We will even share how you can pay less for these keywords and get Google to serve your ads more than the competitors.

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