Tired of being told you’re not selling more cars because:

- The market is down?
- Your prices are too high?
- Your Internet team isn’t effective?
- You don’t have enough pictures of
   your inventory?
- You’re not spending enough?

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You’re by no means alone.

When spending thousands monthly on your advertising budget, there should never be someone—agency or otherwise—trying to shift the blame onto you, the dealership, without giving you concrete strategies to resolve the issue.

Yet this is the response most dealer principles and general managers receive when they ask why they’re not selling more.

The metric for measuring success is pretty simple - cars rolling off the lot

Despite that, we get calls daily from dealers outside of our clientele, from all over the country, who are frustrated and confused with the equation of spending more and more on their advertising and seeing less and less return.
The 3 Most Common Questions We Get From Dealers Perplexed By Their Diminished Returns:

Am I using the right vendors?
Am I spending enough money?
Am I spending it in the right places?
Our answer is almost always the same; No, Yes, and NO.

As an agency, we get pretty annoyed when we see third-party vendors—or even other agencies—try to strong-hold a dealership into maintaining an expense that’s not increasing inventory sold. Why should you have to spend more when they’ve yet to show you what your previous spends have yielded?

We wanted to solve this problem— partially so our phones ring a little bit less everyday— but mostly because we know dealer frustrations inside and out.

While we don’t mean to brag, we know you were wondering why you should be listening to us in the first place— but the answer to that question is..because we know what we’re talking about.

We’ve been hired time and time again by dealers across the continent, as well as by the big guys: Lexus USA, Toyota Canada, Honda, FCA and the Danish Federation of Auto Dealers, to name of a few. We weren’t just hired to handle their marketing. We’re known for hands-on training. We’ve advised and coached dealers, market managers, regional managers, fixed operations directors, and even other agencies.

15 years ago, Potratz opened its doors as a Digital Automotive Agency and has been focusing on resolving the frustrations of dealers ever since.

Want to hear something that’s guaranteed to add to your frustration? Probably not- but you’ll want to hear what comes after it.

90% of the advertising dollars you’re spending are going to waste.

Yes. Most advertising today isn’t worth what you’re spending on it. Most platforms (Autotrader, Google, and Cars.com) are extremely oversaturated, with high competition and even higher cost.

We find this is an easy issue to solve, however, because at Potratz we live by the mantra that if you want what you’ve never had, you need to do what you’ve never done.

It may seem like you need all your vendors. You may think a majority of your budget has to go to Google. That’s only because it’s what ALL of your competitors are doing...and why you’re not selling more.

Most agencies are too fearful to present radical strategies, with the potential to leverage radical engagement, because rocking the boat means potentially getting fired.

We can say this as an agency known for rocking the boat: it may happen. Some clients don’t want to be pioneers. But the clients who trusted our methods? It’s more than paid off. ​​​​​​​

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Advertising that moves metal is about being different; from the platforms you’re on to the message you’re promoting.
Potratz hears the same issues from dealers daily. That’s why we came up with the most useful analysis available for dealerships unsure of their marketing strategies.

We’re calling it the Dealership Audit.

This comprehensive strategy takes all the guesswork out of your marketing. You’ll know where leads are coming from, why, for how much, and more. This audit pinpoints exactly where your ad dollars are wasted and determines your ideal media mix.

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What's a Media Mix?
This is your unique marketing concoction for success; the secret recipe of media spend allocations that results in the lowest cost per conversion for your business.

 We bet the current media mix you employ has you spending more for less control.
But, the Dealership Audit
is more than just that.

You’ll also receive:

1. AdWords Competitor Analysis 
2. Competitor PPC Overview
3. Lead Handling Report 
4. Website Evaluation
5. 3rd Party Evaluation
6. Internet and Phone Call Lead Source Report
7. Google Analytics and Social Media 
Marketing Report
8. Comprehensive Action Plan and Strategy for Success

That all sounds great, we know, but what does that
actually mean for you?


It means you cut one check. In return we hold your hand the way your current agency won’t because it disrupts their margins. You’ll never pause to figure out the next move because we’ll guide you through what you need to sell more.


We will provide a detailed written strategy of what to remove from your current budget, what to edit, and how to track your performance moving forward. This strategy isn’t one for the masses, repurposed for any dealer who happens to give us a call. This is a plan devised with your market; your sales team’s strengths and weaknesses; and your management and selling styles taken into account. This includes platforms, vendors, and any other advertising expenses you accrue.

You get a report of keywords, placements, and CTAs used by your competitors. This includes data on which ones perform highest for them.
It includes mystery shops of your store, both online and by phone. This bridges any discrepancies between leads you receive and why they’re not converting into sales.
We also provide you proper lead-handling practices for each lead type your BDC could receive.
You’ll have a dedicated Potratz Performance Manager who will ensure your success.
Your Performance Manager will call you, your vendors, and your agency at the 1, 15, 30, 45, 60 and 90 day marks. These check-ins ensure you're heading in the right direction to sell more and spend less.
When we’re finished with your Dealership Audit, you’ll know what your game plan is for tomorrow, the week ahead and the month as a whole, as well as how to surpass the goals you’ve been trying to reach.
Not sure your dealership needs to re-evaluate its sales and
marketing strategies?
Check out this video!

Meet Bill Penney Toyota in Huntsville, Alabama. Have you ever seen excitement like this in your dealership? IN A DOWN MARKET?

They weren’t afraid of the advice we had to give, even though it meant going against some of the industry advertising standards.

It's important to understand that this WAS NOT A FLUKE.
Month after month, these are the successes our clients are seeing. Seen enough? Fill out the form & begin your audit.

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At this point, you’re probably wondering how much this costs.
The honest answer: it’s a fraction of what you’re currently losing.

Ask yourself this:
– How much are you spending on Google?
– How many leads can you attribute to it?
– How many of those leads turn into cars sold?

If they became new car sales, then maybe! But the only way to determine these things is by digging in and doing the dirty work.
Doing the math might scare you, but it’s necessary to know if the platforms you’re using are worthwhile. Say you spend $5K a month on AutoTrader, and in return get 2 leads. Were those leads really worth $2,500 each If they became new car sales, then maybe! But the only way to determine these things is by digging in and doing the dirty work.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​That’s what we’re offering to do for you with this audit.

Here’s what happens next:

Not ready for the audit today? You’ll spend more time, money, and manpower making up for lost sales. You’ll switch vendors, advertising agencies, and website providers trying to find the magic that never appears.



You sign up for the Dealership Audit and hear back immediately from someone right in our office

We’ll gather the information we need to do a thorough analysis of your current situation, take care of payment, and get started on your audit.


This audit is in-depth and in high demand. For this reason, it takes 2 weeks to a month to complete. We promise to keep you informed of each step along the way. Be sure to give us your number so we can reach you quickly. You don’t want to lose your spot on the list!


You could sell more vehicles for less money and have an excited team (like the one in the video above) knowing you have a strategy that other dealers don’t.

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