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Clicks and impressions don't result in more vehicles sold. That's why we measure conversions, but we don't define conversions to be clicks to your website or videos-watched; a conversion to us is when you have all the information you need to close a sale. At Potratz our job doesn't stop after we get you leads-- it's just begun.

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Zack Penney

Bill Penney Named #1 Dealer in Alabama

  • PPC
  • Equity Mining
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Lead Handing
  • Sales Training
  • Retargeting
  • Web Design
  • Video Production
  • & so much more
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David Duncan

Duncan Mazda Cancels AutoTrader & Increases Sales by 27% with Potratz

A common answer to sales problems is to spend more in advertising to get more leads to sell more cars. WRONG! I can help you sell more cars without needing to increase your budget.

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Sales Are All That Matter

At Potratz our campaigns are measured by sales— not clicks. At the end of the day if your sales are up, we have done our job correctly. Analytics and data is important— but what matters most to you are sold vehicles and increasing repair orders. Our goal is to increase your sales and save money by not being dependent on third party websites or lead providers.

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Northeast Acura

Northeast Acura

Increased phone leads by 53% without increasing budget.

Reinhardt Toyota

Reinhardt Toyota

Increased Number of Leads while Reducing Cost per Lead by 50%

Honda of Downtown Chicago

Honda of Downtown Chicago

566% increase in Facebook leads

Developing Pay Plans for Internet Teams

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