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Capture Your Competitor’s Customers

Learn the details on consumers visiting your competitor’s site and start selling more.

You’re losing sales every minute.

Everyday, your competitors are earning sales that could have been yours. You sell the same product and you’re in the same market, yet consumers end up on their website and ultimately their lot. As competition increases, your sales are destined to deflate— unless you get aggressive.


How It Works:

{GEO}Pixel allows you to target up to 5 of your competitors websites, capturing their web traffic. Learn more about your competitors’s audience than they do by obtaining the name, address, email, income and dozens of other contact details about almost all your competitors web visitors. We send a report every week with the potential customers we’ve collected from your competitors.

We collect potential customers from your competitors.

With {GEO}Pixel you could be talking to those specific individuals.

Talk to shoppers ready to purchase...NOW.

From name and address, to email address, credit range and vehicle owned.

How to Use It:

Speak more directly to your audience by utilizing the details available on your weekly report. Curate creative, ad or email copy to reflect the tastes of your audience, stealing them from the competition and increasing your share of your market.

  • Utilize the Brand tab on your report to segment your customer list by manufacturer
  • Create custom audiences for PPC and social media campaigns
  • Send email campaigns that drive awareness to your new audience

Capture & Send



How {GEO}Pixel Has Helped Dealers Across the Country

BMW Dealership - Indiannapolis, IN

After turning on {GEO}Pixel, we were able to identify almost 1,500 consumer contacts from their competitors’ site. We ran a two-day campaign to capitalize on that traffic and were able to track how many customers who had received marketing materials within those two days and then came to the lot. 37 of their competitors online visitors came to the lot after being targeting by the {GEO}Pixel campaign. That’s a healthy conversion of 2.7% and an additional 37 sales opportunities for their team.

Ford Dealership - Tampa, FL

This dealership was looking to conquest one of their largest competitors. They received their first {GEO}Pixel report with 1,657 contacts and ran an email campaign targeting their list. This resulted in nearly 50 unique online visitors on the lot. This lead to a 22% increase in foot traffic on the lot!

Ready to capture your competitor's customers and increase sales?

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Arnold Tijerina, President of Storytailer

Arnold Tijerina, President of Storytailer

Paul and his company POTRATZ are top-notch. Other high profile digital marketing companies hire him to do THEIR digital marketing.

Sean Barbera, Marketing Director

Sean Barbera, Marketing Director

I recommend Paul and Potratz Partners Advertising without hesitation.

Eric Miltsch, Co-Founder of Dealer Teamwork LLC

Eric Miltsch, Co-Founder of Dealer Teamwork LLC

Paul has the innate ability and genuine desire to use his retail knowledge to help others create something “special.”