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  • Identification and Targeting of High Value Customers By Model
  • AdWords Investment Report
  • Comprehensive ROI and Reallocation Recommendation Analysis
  • POTRATZ Performance Manager Works With Your Vendors For 90 Days!

We are including our $995 "Top Performing Competitor Keywords" service in the Marketing Audit Price for a very limited time. 

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One Time Cost of Audit



 9  Out Of 30 Marketing Audits Remaining at This Price!

Audit creation takes 30 days and a dedicated Performance Manager is assigned to each dealer's account to work with vendors for 90 days. So this is not a sales tactic but simply a supply and demand business decision. Price will increase to $4,250 when we sell all 30.

Our Guarantee: If We Can't Save You $7,500 in Your PPC Campaigns* ... We Will Refund You Our Fee.

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For A Limited Time Only Get Your Competitors Top Performing Keywords Included!

We are including our $995 service "Top Performing Competitor Keywords" in the Marketing Audit Price for a very limited time.  We will start charging for the Competitors Top Performing Keywords.

Zack Penney

Bill Penney Toyota - Huntsville Alabama

"POTRATZ coached us how to reach shoppers in our market and it worked. Our Facebook audience grew from 10,000 followers to 25,000 followers in less than 60 days. We have consistently been setting record goals!"

Glenn Raley

Reinhardt Toyota - Montgomery Alabama

"I looked at some numbers that competitors of ours were doing and frankly, they were whooping us. I wanted their numbers and they were Potratz customers."

Ryan Norris

Dealer Principal - Toyota of Easley

Toyota of Easley has dramatically increased sales through their willingness to push boundaries and implement their audit findings!

Andy Scott

Scott Chevrolet Cadillac Mazda Volvo

“POTRATZ doesn’t come in and ask or force you to spend more money. Expense is really important to us so they have been able to accomplish our market share objectives without increasing out budget.”

What Others Say About Us

Michael Gross

West Harr Motor Company

“They are constantly keeping me informed with the latest and greatest, up to date technologies that are out there. Where other dealers are still blasting newspaper and radio, we’re spending that money on social media.”

Dave Dariano

Metro Ford of Schenectady

“We didn’t want to spend a lot of money because we knew it was going to be a tough month but Paul brought new things that we would never think of… it’s helping us keep our cost down.”

Success Stories

AJ LeBlanc, Entrepreneur

AJ LeBlanc, Entrepreneur

Paul Potratz and his team at Potratz Partners Advertising deliver top tier advertising services.

Kevin Richardson, Zenos Cyber Security

Kevin Richardson, Zenos Cyber Security

I’m now hooked on his videos and every part of my companies digital marketing is benefiting from our interaction.

Reinhardt Toyota

Reinhardt Toyota

Increased Number of Leads while Reducing Cost per Lead by 50%

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* We guarantee your annual savings will be a minimum of $7500 based upon all monthly savings we suggest and are properly implemented by your digital marketing team.