i-95 Case Study

Picture This

When Potratz noticed I-95 Toyota wasn’t receiving what we considered to be a strong number of web form leads, we knew we had to take a closer look.

Digging In

Seeing no issues at the campaign level, I-95’s account team, performance manager Ashley and graphic designer Ally, got creative. The average design and imagery of their client’s ad creative wasn’t resonating with the intended audience so the duo dove into strategizing ways to make the dealership’s ads more engaging.



Looking to try something new, Ashley requested the design include brighter colors and that the images used be lively and active. Then, the team took a deeper look at the primary audience in the area surrounding their client’s dealership.

Recognizing that the surrounding population in Brunswick, GA is extremely diverse, it was evident the previous graphics didn’t reflect that local identity. Ally made this a priority in her creative and Ashley launched a refresh of I-95’s preowned Gmail ad campaign. Since, we’ve seen month over month growth in webform leads!

The only way to recognize opportunities for improvement like this one are to actively manage your advertising accounts; no automation software can provide that level of detail and that’s why we’re proud to provide our clients with more than just what they ask for— but what they didn’t know they needed.

Give us a call and we’ll work to ensure your brand has all it needs to succeed.