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Your story matters to your clients.

Video marketing isn’t about being the loudest, it’s about being YOU. Showcase your skills, wit & grit to potential clients online with premiere branding video content by Potratz and increase your calls received, clients accepted and cases won.

Legal Video Marketing for Attorneys and
Law Firms That Attract Better Cases.

What is a branding video?

Custom branding videos by Potratz provide a visual way to communicate your authority, knowledge, experience and unique advantage to potential clients. People like to do business with people, and nothing puts a face to a name or brand better than high-quality video.

Why do you need one?

Yes, referral business is great, however 96% of individuals still use search when seeking legal council. Branding videos allow you to be at the beck and call of potential clients digitally without actually having to be, by providing helpful content in the medium they like best. Exhibit why you’re an asset around the clock online!

Connect with your audience across all
screens with Commercials by POTRATZ.

What’s a TV Commercial?

Considering commercials are historically the only video format many are familiar with, it requires little explanation. However, most traditional commercials lack any true creativity and do little to connect your brand with your audience. TV commercials developed by the Potratz team ensure your message is engaging your audience and leaving a lasting impression.

Why do you need one?

While traditional TV audiences are shrinking, tose still watching are extremely engaged. Additionally, despite slow downs in TV ad spends for other industries, lawyers and firms have done the opposite— spending close to $900 million a year on TV ads. That means chances are, your competition is on TV— so you need to be too! Plus, we’re affiliated with a variety of Connected TV vendors and can take your commercial beyond broadcast.

Develop client relations and trust
with your FAQ video.

What is an FAQ video?

There are hundreds of thousands of searches made daily by individuals seeking legal council, especially for the first time. FAQ videos confront some of the most commonly asked questions in your industry and provides answers in the form of custom videos by you or your firm, capturing that search traffic and driving it directly to your website.

Why do you need one?

By sharing your knowledge with your audience, you position yourself as both a resource and an authority. They show potential clients you’re helpful and, most importantly, know your stuff. FAQ videos have the potential to both distinguish you from your competition, and— raise you above them.

Improve Your Online Reputation.

What is a testimonial Video?

Testimonial videos take your referral traffic to the next level— because they work the same way as a satisfied customer suggesting your services to a family member or friend, except on a limitless scale! By shooting high quality footage of past clients sharing their experiences with you or your firm, you’re able to showcase the quality you bring to every case to people visiting your website, stopping by your social profile, in your database and beyond.

Why do you need one?

Testimonial content has been confirmed to be the most effective form of content for sales generation with an 89% effectiveness-rate compared with all other marketing materials— and law, more so than any other industry, requires social proof for success. Potential clients want to KNOW you can handle their case, and by showcasing your ability to handle others— we show them.


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