Leduc Hyundai

Success Story

Switching gears from paid search to Facebook advertising

The auto dealership switched its advertising budget to Facebook from paid search and other digital platforms, nearly tripling its website conversions and boosting sales by 32%.


increase in website conversions


increase in website visitors


increase in sales

Their Story

Serving central Alberta

Leduc Hyundai is a licensed Hyundai dealer in Leduc, Alberta. The dealership offers a range of new and used Hyundai vehicles, as well as auto servicing, parts sales and financing solutions for people looking to buy, sell or trade in a vehicle.

Their Goal

Increasing dealership traffic

As a fairly new dealership, the team needed to build awareness, bring high-quality traffic to its website and, ultimately, generate leads.

“When we realized the ineffectiveness and cost of other advertising platforms, we turned to Facebook. We saw value advertising on the platform—the ability to choose placements and targeting. The significance of moving from paid search to Facebook speaks for itself in our sales increase!”

Greg Rempel, Dealer Principal, Leduc Hyundai

Their Solution

Speeding up dealership leads

After seeing little success advertising via paid search and on other digital platforms, Leduc Hyundai decided it was time for a dramatic change. The team shifted its entire advertising budget to Facebook to see how well it could increase awareness, generate leads and bring in more potential customers.

The dealership partnered with Facebook-focused digital advertising agency Potratz to develop a strategy to not only introduce people to its growing brand, but also encourage them to contact Leduc Hyundai.

To introduce people to its brand, the dealership created an awareness-focused video ad to target people living near the dealership. It also created a variety of conversion-optimized carousel ads and dynamic ads to reach people currently shopping for new or used vehicles, encouraging them to visit the Leduc Hyundai website and fill out a contact form there.

The dealership also used lead ads to reach people currently shopping for new or used vehicles. Lead ads use information from people’s Facebook profiles to auto-fill a form that they can easily submit to Leduc Hyundai’s sales team. The ads were targeted to vehicle owners or lessees living within a 30-mile radius of the dealership. The Leduc Hyundai team also used Polk and Oracle data to ensure the ads reached a specific audience of in-market shoppers.

Their Success

Igniting success

Running from March–May 2017, Leduc Hyundai’s Facebook ad campaign proved very successful. Compared to advertising on other digital platforms, including paid search, the campaign delivered:

  • 2.5X increase in website conversions
  • 24% increase in website visitors
  • 32% increase in sales

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