U.S. Light Energy Case Study

U.S. Light Energy, formerly Solitude Solar located in Latham, provides solar energy options to municipalities, businesses, home owners and communities. As part of their rebranding process they wanted to build a new website that would help solidify them as more than just a company capable of installing solar panels.

Branching into not only the installation and production of solar energy, but becoming a provider of this renewable resource as well— meaning individuals can ‘subscribe’ to solar energy through U.S. Light Energy that’s then deducted from their primary power bill.

Wanting to draw attention to the multitude of services they offer, we tried to make it extremely clear from the homepage how to navigate depending on the needs of each visitor. We designed four easy navigation boxes directly to the homepage; Solar for Businesses, Solar for Municipalities, Community Solar and Land Leasing.

As an objective of the rebranding of the business was to call attention to their budding reputation as clean energy providers to New York State residents, we wanted to keep the design clean, simple and clear.

US Light Energy

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