Video Production

At POTRATZ, we create captivating videos and compelling imagery that drive action. Your project is handled from concept to completion, whether that’s in-house at our 31 Lafayette Street studio in Schenectady, New York, or on-location across the country – quite simply, we’ll take your video project and run with it.

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We Make It Simple From Concept to Completion

It all starts in pre-production with concept development, script writing and creative direction. Once the concept is complete, we get to filming. POTRATZ will handle everything – scouting locations, hiring actors or voice talent and directing the shoot.

After we wrap production, the footage and photos come back to our office for post-production. Our diverse team of editors, motion graphic designers and 3D artists are available to take your video project to the next level.

You have a vision. We have the team to make it reality.

Lets talk about your video or photography needs today.

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A scheduled call or meeting with our creative directors to review your goals, answer questions and brainstorm ideas.
We create your video storyboard and script. *The length of time needed varies depending on the type of video we are creating
Once your video storyboard is approved, we cast, scout locations, wardrobe, and build your props and sets if need be, then we schedule your production day.
After your production shoot your video goes into editing.
Deliver! After your edits are approved we deliver your final video in formats suitable for TV, social media, website viewing or Jumbotron display.


Like many types of advertising, pre-roll is interruptive and can be misused in a way that annoys people and undermines your branding. But if you do it well, you provide an interesting or helpful or entertaining break to someone that may lead to them becoming a customer.

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Drone Video Production

Aerial footage will separate your video from your competition. We have licensed and insured drone pilots to help take your video to the next level. Our drone video production is in 4k so the level of production will be superior and work for any project.

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On Location or In Studio

On Location Or In-Studio

We travel the world doing video production for our clients and our clients also come from all over the world for production in our studios in the Capital of New York. Our 27,000 sq ft building has shooting locations throughout and our studio is a drive-in studio so we can shoot vehicles and large products on our full seamless cyclorama walls. Simply put, we can come to you or you can come to us and utilize our studio. We also build sets if need be to ensure your video is truly you and unique.

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When it come to social video, you’ve got to make every second count! Viewers decide within the first 3 seconds of your video if it’s worth a watch or a scroll, so the Potratz team dedicates their energy to coming up with wildly engaging and entertaining storylines while producing and editing high quality, professionally-shot footage— making sure your social video efforts are optimized for ultimate engagement!

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Video Content Marketing

When was the last time you watched a video for entertainment, to learn something, or just to pass time? We are all consuming video content but the majority of businesses have not started creating video content. This would be a perfect opportunity for you to be different and capture more customers by giving them the answers they are looking for – in the format that they will engage with the most.

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Studio Rental

Studio Rental

Our studios are centrally located in Schenectady, New York, only 15 minutes Albany, the Capital of New York. Rentals are available to photographers and videographers. Studio 1 features a drive-in studio with a loading dock and can accommodate vehicle shoots with room to spare, 25' ceilings and a 50' by 12' cyclorama wall. Studio 2 is a live broadcast and podcast studio with capability to broadcast live to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, ROKU, Hulu etc. Our studios are full featured and will impress your clients with dressing rooms, coffee bar, kitchen, meeting rooms and preview areas.

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Infomercials & Long Form Videos

Our services include production of infomercials from concept to completion. We can shoot at your location or in our studios. Infomercials give you the time you need to explain your services or products in great detail. Yes – viewers are still watching and converting from new-age infomercials, especially when placed properly on Facebook and YouTube.

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Documentary & Short Film

A documentary is extremely powerful and not to be confused with a branding video. A documentary is telling a story of how something has changed and is affecting lives. A documentary is not a sales pitch disguised to look like a documentary, it's authentic and can have a company and it's products or services intertwined with the story but should generally not be the sole focus. The video you will see here is a story about Schenectady, NY and the goal is to make people feel proud of where they live and to attract new residents and businesses.

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TV Commercials

Having a hard time coming up with a creative idea or sales event for your next TV commercial? We can help you with the idea and have your TV production produced in as little as 72 hours if no video shooting is needed at your location. We know the regulations and laws that govern TV commercials for USA, CA and EU.

Looking for amazing, professional, creative TV commercial production?

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Sick of being stuck with stock videos that don't have anything to do with your dealership? With Custom Running Footage by POTRATZ, you'll get sleek shots of YOUR inventory around YOUR area, creating an authentic story centered around what matters-- your business. We'll come directly to you to create captivating, unique running footage that'll help you sell more.

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Visual storytelling is an impactful way to drive awareness to issues that are important to you. It’s important that the purpose of your organization is conveyed in way that is both emotional and educational. Let us create a video or sequence of photographs that tells your story and why others should take interest in supporting your cause.

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Video Production FAQs

How Were You Founded

We began as a digital agency in 2003, in a mere 1,700 square foot office in the heart of the Electric City. Getting Potratz Partners Advertising off the ground took dedication and resilience, as Paul Potratz pitched his business over and over, taking rejection in stride as potential clients could not fathom the idea of investing in digital. Turns out, he was on to something. The digital world has come a long way since 2003, and at Potratz we’re proud to say that since inception we’ve had creativity and marketing in our blood.

Do you offer Motion Graphics and Animation?

Yes, we do motion graphics and animation, we also offer time-lapse and explainer videos.

Do you have to come on location or shoot video to create a video pre-roll and TV commercial for my business?

No, we have thousands of hours in running footage or b-roll that would work for any business or production. Depending on the video you’re looking to have produced, we may not have to come on location, which would also save you money when we do the production.

What are your daily video fees?

A ballpark to have in mind – a small crew on location will cost approx. $2,790 for the day and $3,000 per produced minute. There are several variables that determine the exact cost e.g. your location, type of shoot, cast needed, set building needed, wardrobe needs and much more – to get an accurate proposal, call, email or text us to discuss your project’s details.

Do you have teleprompters?

Yes, we do have Teleprompters – and it’s our job to make whoever is on camera comfortable and confident.

Do you have a video studio or do we have to pay for video studio rental fees?

Yes, we have a video studio and several sets throughout our 27,000 sq. ft. facility. We also have several partners that allow us access to shoot for no additional rental fees.

How long does it take to receive results back on the Facial Recognition Analytical Measurement Technology?

Generally, after your video has been produced your facial recognition analytical measurement report will be ready within 3-4 weeks.

I want to do video pre-roll on YouTube so can you create the video and also run the campaign.

Yes, we create video pre-roll for YouTube TruView everyday and yes not only can we run your campaign but build and entire video marketing funnel strategy as well.

Do you offer aerial or drone videography?

Yes, we do have a licensed drone pilot and videographer on staff.

Do you have spokespeople or actors that we can pick from?

Yes, we have talent that we can suggest and you can pick from. We have every lifestyle actor or actress to cover any type of video shoot you need.

Do you shoot HD video?

Yes, we shoot most everything in 4k, but offer 6k as well.

Do you shoot on-location in other States other than New York?

Yes, we travel extensively and if you are within 6 hours of drive time we drive our production vans. If your location is over 6 hours, we fly.

How long does it take for you to produce your video from concept to completion.

We are generally booked 6-8 weeks out. Once we begin your project the time varies greatly on the scope of your project. If it’s a TV or Video Pre-Roll and we have the footage in house we can have it completed within 72 hours. While an infomercial generally takes 2 weeks to produce.

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