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How to Create Facebook Lives Worth Watching

We’re all aware of how Facebook has altered their algorithms, and as marketers and business owners if we want to stay in view of those who matter to us, stepping out from our comfort zones- and in front of the camera, may just be the key. Facebook Live isn’t just for the rantings of distant […]


The Power of NO & When to Say It

When a new opportunity comes our way; when coworkers, clients or even friends and family, come to us with a job in hand; saying “no” in those moments can feel against our very nature. But there is no rationality in saying “yes” to everything that comes our way, because not all chances offer equal opportunities […]


How to Make Quality Testimonial Content for Less Than $100

Wasting tons of energy and funds gearing up for making testimonial videos is just that- A WASTE. You don’t need a video team or even a lone videographer to create top-quality, high performing customer testimonials. All it takes is utilizing the thing that’s on you, most likely, at all times. Your smart phone! Testimonials are […]

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Keys to Creating Captivating Video

A surge of color. Movement and animations, bobbing and weaving to create a hypnotizing image you can’t look away from. A voice, speaking softly and then building with excitement, telling a story that must be heard. Captivating. Capturing an audience can be done in different ways, but there is one common denominator required — audience […]


Advertising on The Top 5 Social Media Platforms

By this day and age, it’s no secret that social media is everywhere. Hashtags appear at the top of our TV screens during awards shows, Facebook has become a means of checking if relatives are safe after a major disaster, and Twitter has become some peoples go to source for breaking news updates. Gone are […]


Saving Time, Getting Results

We have such a talented team here at Potratz, there’s no doubt about that. These individuals, Mike, Joe, and Kurt, create beautiful, branded videos for anything you could ever want a video for. From social media content to television spots and even documentaries! Video is one of the most powerful ways to tell a story […]

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The Benefits of Email Marketing

Many people think email marketing is outdated. It’s really not! Email marketing can skyrocket your campaign into greatness. Seriously. When was the last time you didn’t have your phone on you? These days, people are attached to their phones…and most smartphones have email on them. Writing and sending emails for your business can be overwhelming […]


Millennials, Instagram, and Your Business

by Erin McNamara If you sell or service anyone between the age of 18 and 24, your business is interacting with Millennials. In case you didn’t know, Millennials are the largest generational cohort in the United States today, and with that title they’ve become huge influencers when it comes to consumption. A key to communicating […]


Leveraging Big Data for Your Advertising

Welcome to 2017, where marketers, researchers, and companies alike now track almost every aspect of consumer purchase decisions. From the ads you see to the coupons you receive, data is the driving force behind it all. With ever expanding resources and technological capabilities, companies and their ad agencies have the increasing ability to better understand […]


Meet & Cheese: A Potratz Networking Event

Meet & Cheese: A Potratz Networking Night Thursday, May 4th 6pm – 8pm 31 Lafayette Street, Schenectady The premise is simple – employers and potential employees are invited to chat over refreshments. We’ll provide a low-stress atmosphere for businesses to look for job role candidates, share their business with the community, and network themselves! Upcoming […]

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How POV Videos Can Help Your Dealership

POV Videos: What are they and how do they benefit you? If you’ve heard any news from Paul Potratz lately, you’ve probably heard the term “POV videos” thrown around. But what does it mean? POV videos are point of view videos. It’s like people are watching through the eyes of someone getting ready to drive […]


Strategy Call With Paul: Highly Effective Marketing Tips

Do you know someone that can benefit from a comprehensive used car marketing strategy? If it’s you, you’re in the right place.   On April 24th, Paul Potratz is revealing highly effective used car marketing tips that will help you increase gross, leads, and used car sales. As an authority and with 20+ years in […]


How to Use Promoted Pins

by Juliana Warren Pinterest is a platform that can be used on both your website browser or in an app that you can download to your mobile device. It is a free way for users to upload, save, sort, and manage images and website links that gather in groups called pinboards. These can contain a […]


Tips for Making Valuable Business Connections

by Erin McNamara Networking has developed a reputation, often met with shrugs and groans from those asked to participate. For some people, networking is an anxiety provoking word that leaves a person frozen in their tracks. For others, it comes more naturally, but usually means a stuffy few hours making small talk with strangers. The […]

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