Here’s What You’re Missing With an
OEM Mandated Website vs. Potratz Website.

You Could Be Receiving More Leads, Spending Much Less
and Not Looking Like Every Other Dealer.

Why Your Current OEM Website is Holding You Back from Selling More Vehicles

  • OEM does not choose vendors based on the performance of their website; it’s simply based on which website vendor can offer the biggest payout to the OEM.
    (Now you know why the small boutiques that are always innovating are not part of the program)
  • OEM does not hold website vendors accountable for any conversion or performance minimum metrics.
    (All of your marketing budget is being directed to a poor performing website and there is no roadmap for the vendor to improve performance)
  • OEM and their middleman require a MASSIVE insurance policy and demand such a large pay-off from the website vendor, it leaves no profits for support or technology enhancements.
    (You pay more for the website and in turn receive poor support and a very outdated, cookie cutter website that looks like all of your competitors)

It’s YOUR Dealership and YOU Have a Choice

What will happen if you don’t use an OEM mandated website? You lose co-op money? If you’re like most dealers, you have enough other expenses that are co-op compliant that can be applied. That means you’ll get most, if not all, of the money.

Your website is 1 of the top 3 most important factors that determine how many vehicles you sell. Letting the OEM decide what’s acceptable is allowing someone much less qualified decide your income.

How much are you losing in sales and how much money are you wasting driving shoppers to a website that looks like your competitors, converts less than 4% AND allows the OEM to capture shoppers’ information to do who knows what with it?

How often are your manufacturer leads duplicates? Did you ever ask shoppers how many lead forms they completed? We have and the majority of individuals stated they only filled in one form. When was the last time your team called a shopper and they were confused by why you were calling them? Coincidence or common occurrence?

How are Your Vehicles Priced?

One of the most confusing points for consumers on any dealer website is pricing. Either there’s no price listed at all, or a full price with no way to know what the monthly payments would be for that vehicle. That puts your sales at a disadvantage as many shoppers can more easily see themselves affording a vehicle when they know what their payments would be versus the lump sum they would owe. So why not make these options available for consumers?

Potratz Websites offers this while your OEM mandated provider DOESN’T.

On Potratz Websites...

Finance or Lease Payment: You can show a lease and/or finance payment with the correct APR and down payment based on model and year. Not only can you show this information correctly, but with one button click you can make this an automatic process so every vehicle that is listed daily follows the same pricing rules.

Buy and Lease Pricing

Aging Inventory with Automatic Discounting: We had a request to discount new and/or used vehicles automatically based on age. So we wrote some code that does just that, and the discount percentage is up to you! When our clients share new ideas that make their job easier and our website better -- we get really excited.

Automatic Discounts

Test Pricing, Rebates, Discounts Layout and Look: You or your marketing partner can test different fonts, layouts, colors and terms from the master control panel. Want to call attention to a rebate or discount? That is simple and you have the ability to make it look exactly how you want. No support ticket needed.

Pricing Display Options

Increase Leads and Pricing Compliance: Add the “Unlock Price” button for New and/or Used with 1 click from the master control panel. This follows compliance because when a shopper enters their name and email, they are allowed to see all Special or Discounted Prices for 7 Days. When the shopper provides an email, the manufacturer states you can price how you choose.

Unlock Price

Put an End to Mismatched Ads: You have paid ads on Google and Facebook that show a lease or finance payment trying to attract in-market shoppers to your website. Problem is when they click the paid ad and land on your website, they can’t find the vehicle matching that payment, price or rebate. This can create agitation and lack of trust on the part of the shopper. It also increases bounce rates, lowers the quality score of your website according to Google, decreases your chance to sell the vehicle and wastes a lot of money on advertising.

This does not happen with our website since payment information is automatically displayed the way YOU want it. If you’re doing Dynamic Search Ads, which I hope you are, then this is a must-have if you want to spend less on Google and increase your leads.

Matched Pricing

Automatically Updated Rebates and Incentives: Currently you only show rebates and incentives on the homepage with rotating ads. When the car shopper clicks the ad on your home page and is directed to the listings of the model they want… the rebates are not shown on each individual model. It’s confusing for the shopper and they feel like it’s a bait and switch tactic. We provide complete clarity for the shopper which allows them to move closer and faster to the purchase.


What Personal Information Can You Capture When a Visitor Clicks on a Website?

There is a technology called P2 Pixel that captures up to 70% of website visitors personal information when they visit one of our websites.

The visitor information is captured just by them clicking on the website...they don’t have to complete a form or call. When they land on the website-- we have their personal information. It's that simple.

We capture the person's…

  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Mailing Address
  • Age & Household Ages
  • Credit Range
  • Net Worth
  • Vehicle Owned
  • Credit Cards
  • & More

This information is then used for email blasts, custom audience marketing and direct mail.

If you were on our platform, you would receive all this information daily for an additional fee-- and this is the only thing that would cost you more. We could even do all the marketing to this list if you or your marketing partner don’t have time.

The Secrets Behind Search Engine Optimization- Do You Pay for It Now?

We created a software so special that there is no possible way a team of 50 could keep up if they were to work 18 hrs a day on your website. 1.6 Billion keyword combinations just like Cargurus but only better-- because it’s happening on YOUR website.

Everytime a new vehicle is uploaded to our website, our SEO software optimizes that specific vehicle by model and location for Local Search Engine Optimization. Let’s be serious… Do you think CarGurus has an SEO team optimizing their website every month? The answer is ‘no,’ and neither should you!

They built a software that optimizes each individual vehicle for Local Search. They are making your vehicles show up… so why aren’t you? Stop paying $2-3k for SEO every month. Our SEO technology is included in the website fee.

Brief Examples of Our SEO Technology Actions:

  • Writes a vehicle description that makes sense, does not have duplicate content and gets indexed by search engines locally. Also includes additional call to actions in the copy.
  • Creates ALT and H1 Tags specific to the vehicle, your market and what shoppers are actually searching for.
  • Every vehicle has a specific URL created that is Local Search Optimized so search engines can index each and every vehicle on your website. This also allows for better Paid Search Campaigns if you’re doing Dynamic Search ads.
  • Rich Snippets of content specific to your market, website and inventory are being written via Artificial Intelligence 24/7, 365-- providing 1.6 billion combinations. CarGurus has done it and now it’s your chance to do the same within your own website.

A Website That Looks Different is Soooo Easy.

We have built a drag and drop editor that allows you to customize how your website looks and interacts with car shoppers in seconds.

You have options to change the look, color, layout and call to actions in minutes from the back end of our website.

  • Add video to your site and change it out as much as you like, effortlessly
  • Change the colors and fonts in seconds
  • Add in a Search By Price, Payment, Make or Model widget with one click
  • Want to boost tires sales, oil changes, brake jobs, etc.? Add the Hot Sales Event Timer to the top of the website in seconds
  • Create a completely new look or theme in less than 5 minutes
  • Add in an Unlock Price CTA for new or used inventory in seconds
  • Try a No Haggle Pricing structure with a single click
  • Change the title and fields required in your lead forms
  • Move service call to actions to the top or in the middle of your homepage-- or turn off with one click
  • Add new code via the master control effortlessly
  • Add pictures, videos, pages, tabs, navigation, forms, specials and call to actions easily

The word “customize” is not descriptive enough for all you can do in a Potratz website. You don’t have to use it all, but it’s nice knowing if you want to try something new-- you can. It only takes seconds and no need for a support ticket.

How Much Does It Cost and What About OEM Programs?

We will never be part of an OEM program nor will we sell… We are innovators and don’t do well with corporate red tape.

Why Do We Offer So Much for Such a Little Price?

(The truth is you have been led to believe it’s the norm to pay what you pay, which is too much… WAY too much.)

We Were Forced To Build Websites:
Some backstory… Website vendors build cookie cutter websites since it’s scalable and profitable. What we needed to increase leads and look completely different required custom coding. Some website vendors were open to doing special work but it was costing us and the dealers thousands in custom work. The turn-around time for the website vendor to make a better website took weeks or months and we could not wait. Often times, they were not even capable of making the changes we needed.

We kept asking them to update their website platform but they explained it would cost tens of millions and would take years to complete on top of trying to service the existing websites.

So we were forced to build a better website and it took us 2 years to do it.

Then Things Started to Get Crazy:
Building websites for clients started as a way to ensure their Paid Search Campaigns were actually driving leads. Then other dealers heard about our little boutique website service and before we knew it we had dealers throughout the States and Canada wanting a Potratz website that was generating as much as a 52% conversion. We were having to make dealers wait as long as 9 months to build a website-- and they would wait for it. Once they had it, they never wanted to change... until the OEM got involved.

The OEM Changed Everything:
We started getting calls from KIA, Ford, Shift Digital and many others telling us to be part of the OEM mandate program. We were excited until we read their agreement and that is when everything changed.

We refused to give them a kick back, add their code to our clients websites so they could capture all leads, have exorbitant insurance policies to protect them AND wait for them to pay us a fraction of the website cost 90-120 days later. There was no way we could have kept innovating or providing the support dealers have come to expect from Potratz. It was our reputation on the line and many of the dealers doing business with us are close friends.

We Did The Only Thing That Was Right…
We said no thank you to the OEM’s. We lost over $3,000,000 dollars in revenue when the dealers were forced into the OEM program. Many of these dealers are still in contact with us and they say the OEM program had a seriously negative impact on their business. They are receiving less leads, calls and spending a lot more on Google and 3rd parties trying to make up the difference. Dealers are frustrated at the number of duplicate and bad leads they are receiving. They are also angry that now they have a website that converts at 3% when they use to have one that was a minimum of 7% while costing them significantly less.

How Much Does Our Website and SEO Cost
The question is…

  • Do you want to work with a partner that refuses to be part of the OEM programs?
  • Do you want a partner that still innovates and does not have to pay the OEM or the middleman e.g. Shift Digital?
  • Do you want a partner that allows you to speal directly with the developer that built the website when you have a question or issue... and not the account manager of the week?