Video Production

We have an uncanny talent of making sure everyone feels comfortable and confident.


We take the holistic perspective to identify the most profitable opportunities

Inbound Marketing

Hot Leads Reporting, Automation Sequences & Automated Emails, Monthly Newsletter, more

Emerging Technologies

ExitGadget, RVD's, Dynamic Landing Pages, Dynamic Retargeting

Digital Marketing

"We bring our partners' strategies to market to generate growth"

Website Design

Website Analysis, Responsive Website Design & Development, Management, Redesign

Creative Services

Brand Strategy & Design, POS Design, Digital & Traditional Marketing Collateral

Dealer Audit

AdWords, PPC, Lead Handling, Website, and Social Media Analysis

Digital Marketing and Sales Processes Are Evolving.

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More Than Just The Basics.

Let's Build Something Stronger.

Our resolve to succeed determines the projects we take on, and we take on projects that allow us the opportunity to stretch our talents and explore new avenues. At the forefront, we are a digital marketing agency with a consultant mindset. Over time, our partnerships with clients inspired the addition of consulting as a service all on it’s own. POTRATZ works with your business to identify challenges, and move toward a solution, together.

Since 2003 POTRATZ has been a leader in the digital marketing realm, but all the while we’ve continued to grow our services and skills, propelling our company further into emerging technologies and web development, prompting the addition of an in-house web team offering responsive, custom website design.

These technologies seamlessly integrate with our Inbound Marketing service that has changed consumer engagement for the better, ensuring clients never miss an opportunity when it comes to sales. In addition to business oriented services, POTRATZ boasts an array of creative services. Our talented creative team offers graphic design and video production, as well as radio production and content creation.

A New Perspective.


Our experience has given us the platform to discuss things like buyer behavior and digital marketing on stages across the globe. Over a decade of marketing, our work and innovations have been printed on the pages of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Automotive News. During this time we’ve come to realize that each and every business has unique individual needs, which is why all of our services can be utilized both cohesively or as stand alone offerings.

Partnering with clients, working together to solve whatever problem they may encounter, has become the core of our business structure. Each of these services have a purpose, and come together to create a solution catered to your unique situation.