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Potratz has been disrupting the automotive advertising world for 17 years— questioning the status-quo and driving client success every step of the way. We know what it takes to move metal.

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Why Potratz?

We’re a partner, not a third-party

Your personal Account Manager & Digital Performance manager work towards compliance on any ad creative, landing page or other content your campaigns require— so you can focus on what you do best… selling cars!

We unlock doors others can not

Our personal data reserves of over 185 million records mean we can target your campaigns by much more than age or location. We know who’s visiting competitor website or even lots, recently filed an insurance claim, are leasing or bought their last vehicle… and so much more! Plus— our open door policy means we show you it all!

Ready for higher ROI, more authority in your market, and of course— more cars sold?

I’m Ready to Drive Sales

We turn your customers into clients

Our team scours your CRM to determine your high-value customers in order to market to them more specifically, connecting your dealership with your audience & earning you more repeat business!

We’re creators committed to client success

Pairing the information we pull from our data reserves with custom designed creative & copy, we develop the most engaging ads possible— attracting the eyes of your audience to your inventory, driving the needle for your dealership.

We’re not afraid to redefine

We define a conversion as when your sales team has all the information they need to close a sale— so you don’t have to worry about empty, meaningless metrics that don’t help your bottom line.

Our decades of industry knowledge paired with daily testing & optimization means you don’t have to worry about the competition— you are the competition.

Let us do it all


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What Others Say About Us

Success Stories

Honda of Downtown Chicago

Honda of Downtown Chicago

566% increase in Facebook leads

Kevin Richardson, Zenos Cyber Security

Kevin Richardson, Zenos Cyber Security

I’m now hooked on his videos and every part of my companies digital marketing is benefiting from our interaction.

Arnold Tijerina, President of Storytailer

Arnold Tijerina, President of Storytailer

Paul and his company POTRATZ are top-notch. Other high profile digital marketing companies hire him to do THEIR digital marketing.