50% of all marketing is WASTE

Stop marketing like it’s 1985— we know more than ever about our audience, yet so many continue to use outdated targeting methods like gender or age.

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From hyper targeted Search & Social Media campaigns, to landing page creation with custom SEO, marketing automation, organic social media, video and more; Potratz can ensure your business is leveraging all that’s available & in the best possible way.

We leverage insights into your audience to better understand their needs, wants and journey to pair with dynamic creative that moves them through the customer journey; so we can show different creative to both Jane Doe and John Doe.

Leveraging data driven marketing, machine learning and programmatic advertising you achieve a personalized marketing strategy to your target audience and a more efficient ad spend. We make sure your business is represented by a customized marketing message each time your ads appear.

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Success Stories

Honda of Downtown Chicago

Honda of Downtown Chicago

566% increase in Facebook leads

Northeast Acura

Northeast Acura

Increased phone leads by 53% without increasing budget.

Sean Barbera, Marketing Director

Sean Barbera, Marketing Director

I recommend Paul and Potratz Partners Advertising without hesitation.