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Creating (Insta)nt Success for Your Business

Most agencies treat Instagram Advertising as a minor detail in your overall Facebook strategy. We don’t— because we understand how social can best serve YOU.

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We drive engagement to your website with Instagram.

Instagram has its own set of best practices and guidelines, and repurposing your Facebook ads just won’t cut it. At POTRATZ we know how to reach your email subscribers, website visitors and target the ideal demographics of your customers on this high engagement, low cost platform.

When it comes to finding your audience on Instagram, we rake our own database of over 185 million records nationwide to create top quality creative that speaks directly to them based on details like their interests, spending habits, credit score and SO much more.

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Success Stories

Kevin Richardson, Zenos Cyber Security

Kevin Richardson, Zenos Cyber Security

I’m now hooked on his videos and every part of my companies digital marketing is benefiting from our interaction.

Janet Tanguay, Capital Region Chamber of Commerce

Janet Tanguay, Capital Region Chamber of Commerce

Paul Potratz is at the top of his game and one of the best in his industry.

Reinhardt Toyota

Reinhardt Toyota

Increased Number of Leads while Reducing Cost per Lead by 50%