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By focusing on creating the right message, the right keywords and the right user experience paired with targeting using our 185+ personal data records— we earn our clients more sales with powerful PPC campaigns.

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We increase your PPC traffic & lower your ad costs.

We don’t just maintain your PPC campaigns, we build them from the ground up and optimizing every step of the way. We rake our own database of over 185 million records nationwide to create top quality creative that speaks directly to your audience based on details like their interests, spending habits, credit score and SO much more.

With privacy issues affecting the targeting capabilities of platform’s like Google, Facebook, Yahoo and more— our data is what will make the difference in your campaigns!

Interested in more sales, higher ROI and a more customizable PPC experienced?

I’m ready to do PPC right.

We took Ryan Norris of Toyota of Easley 100% Digital; slashing his ad budget to a fraction of what he was spending on traditional while increasing sales and brand awareness!

“I’ve heard a lot of presentations, and Paul’s was the first time I had heard one and was actually afraid of what might happen if one of my competitors went with the guy on stage – so I did.”

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Success Stories

AJ LeBlanc, Entrepreneur

AJ LeBlanc, Entrepreneur

Paul Potratz and his team at Potratz Partners Advertising deliver top tier advertising services.

Arnold Tijerina, President of Storytailer

Arnold Tijerina, President of Storytailer

Paul and his company POTRATZ are top-notch. Other high profile digital marketing companies hire him to do THEIR digital marketing.

Reinhardt Toyota

Reinhardt Toyota

Increased Number of Leads while Reducing Cost per Lead by 50%