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Scripts Don't Sell — Humans Do.

Commerce has evolved BDCs and CRMs resulting in automations and features all aimed at streamlining our sales processes, but most have forgotten how important the basics are. Opportunities are being lost when it comes to… the phone.

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We show you how to turn leads into sales.

Word tracks have their necessity, but our phone training provides your sales team with the understanding of how to create connections. We live in a world where consumers are constantly being sold to, and that means they’ve already heard your scripted conversation. It’s in the creation of legitimate connection during real conversation when sales are earned on the phone.

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Success Stories

Honda of Downtown Chicago

Honda of Downtown Chicago

566% increase in Facebook leads

Sean Barbera, Marketing Director

Sean Barbera, Marketing Director

I recommend Paul and Potratz Partners Advertising without hesitation.

Arnold Tijerina, President of Storytailer

Arnold Tijerina, President of Storytailer

Paul and his company POTRATZ are top-notch. Other high profile digital marketing companies hire him to do THEIR digital marketing.