Potratz | Schenectady NY

Let's start from the top

On the corner of Lafayette and Liberty Street is a building with walls painted yellow, green, and orange. Inside these walls lives and breathes a team who thrives on the passion to build brands and work with clients that like to win. This team exceeds at driving customer engagement, consulting with business owners on varying topics to stimulate growth and profits, and doing everything differently. While we may be large in size, we never forget how important every client is and the trust they have in us to do what is right for them.

When we began as a digital agency in 2003, in a mere 300 square foot office in the heart of the Electric City, nobody was interested in what we had to say. Imagine being a digital agency in 2003, where the most popular tools for the world wide web included AskJeeves and Overture.com. Getting Potratz off the ground took dedication and resilience, as Paul Potratz presented his ideas, strategies, and processes over and over, taking rejection in stride as potential clients could not fathom the idea of investing in digital or leveraging social media as a way to increase sales. But Paul remained unperturbed; "If you want something you've never had, then you've got to do something you've never done." Turns out, he was on to something. The digital world has come a long way since 2003, and at Potratz, we’re proud to say that since inception we have been digital marketing, analytics, and data mining forerunners.

From our home in historic Schenectady, New York, our services have reached clients all across the continental U.S., Canada, and across the ocean to the UK and Denmark. We’re all-inclusive, with offerings of digital marketing and consulting services. Our expansive knowledge of social media strategies, video production, analytics, artificial intelligence, big data and over 14 years experience in building multi-million dollar businesses, have transformed us into something greater than just an “advertising agency”. We help Fortune 1000 companies, International Companies, and Small Businesses not only make stronger business decisions during our private or group consulting sessions but market smarter. Let's do something you've never done.


There is no project too small or too large at Potratz. Our resolve to succeed determines the projects we take on, and we take on projects that allow us the opportunity to stretch our talents and explore new avenues. At the forefront, we are a digital marketing agency with a focus on brand development. Our agency thrives on using actionable data to analyze digital performance and determine a customer focused strategy in display and search advertising. However, we take our digital services one step further, offering paid social media marketing and marketing automation.

Our experience has given us the platform to discuss things like buyer behavior and digital marketing on stages across the globe. Our work and innovations have been printed on the pages of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Automotive News. We’ve had the privilege of building campaigns for major corporations, like J.D. Power and Toyota Canada, as well as smaller, local businesses. All the while we’ve continued to grow our services and skills, propelling our company further into web development, prompting the addition of an in-house web team offering responsive, custom website design. Our growth has also spurred the development of a versatile design and production team, moving us to a much larger 27,000 square foot office, with a drive-in video studio large enough to fit 2 vehicles. Our talented team not only offers graphic design, radio, and video production, but content creation and consulting services as well.


Advertising is a puzzle with a thousand moving pieces and at any given time the picture can change drastically. Our account services team thrives on moving pieces, excited about the fast-paced nature of the business. The advertising strategies that we create have proven successful, and that’s because we don’t just cover all the bases. Our account managers and digital performance managers find the right combination of mediums that are customer focused, reaching the high value prospects that will ultimately get your business the highest return on investment. We put the pieces together with a grander, cohesive image in mind using analytics to create benchmarks in order to ensure that our advertising is not just spraying and praying, it’s strategic and impactful, positively affecting your bottom line.

Our clients have come to expect a high caliber of work from their team here at Potratz and we strive to deliver that every single day. Development of brand strategy and use of creativity are among our strengths, but it is the partnership with our clients- who are willing to push the boundaries and are comfortable being uncomfortable, that allow us to create and implement the marketing campaigns that continue to build their businesses.