When considering where you could be with your marketing, email inboxes might seem slightly archaic. With endless options of social platforms to infiltrate and native advertising options changing the way we view ads, it’s difficult to see why email could be advantageous at all.

Well… it is. Email marketing is continuing to stand the test of time, only increasing the reach of campaigns— when done correctly. It’s can be the most controllable aspect of your overall strategy and can help you build a tribe of devoted and engaged individuals.

However many avoid email marketing because they find it difficult to get decent deliverability. They send out their content to a list of tens of thousands and see microscopic returns when it comes to open-rates. But that’s because they’re making a TON of rookie mistakes.

🔘 73% of millennials prefer email when it comes to business communication. 🔘

Want to learn how to NOT be like those people? Follow these email deliverability best practices and you’ll see what email marketing is really capable of providing your strategy!


This is a big no-no yet SO MANY people do it. Whether they don’t know how to build up their own lists or think buying one is comparable, it never pans out well. You end up tanking your open-rate metrics and risk getting blacklisted by your internet service provider. This happens because your ISP, or internet service provider, is looking for engagement when trying to determine if content is quality OR spam… but if you’re sending your email out to a ton of people who never asked to see or hear from you, the chances of them interacting with you are drastically small.

A great way to gather contact information AND be sure your lists are full of people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer is to create an incentive that’s in line with your product or service.

Say you’re a fashion blogger and want to build your database; try offering a free download of fashion tips by season! You see where I’m going with this…

They have to provide their email to receive your incentive, and now your database is building with the contact information of people who are interested in the topic your content covers.

🔘 Email subscribers are 3x more likely to share content received in their email via social media. 🔘

2- Utilize the Double Opt-In 👯‍

When someone provides you with their email, instead of beginning to immediately blast them in your content— send them a confirmation email! This allows you to ensure that the email addresses in your list are VALID, and helps you weed out spam emails or misspelled addresses that will mess with your open-rate metrics. This also shows your audience that you’re ENGAGED!

3- Separate Your Lists! 📋

To be sure your emails are reaching the inboxes of readers ready to engage, consider if there are different points of interest in your content. Are you making multiple offers or claims? Just because someone opted to receive information about product A doesn’t mean that also want to get spammed with your emails about product B.

If you can find these points of differentiation in your content, you can create separate lists and offer them different things. Segmenting like this will not only benefit your email readers, but you too! Your engagement rates will increase because your audience is only ever receiving emails about what they want to see more of.

🔘 TIP: work a question into your opt-in or confirmation email asking what it is that person is most interested in. That way, you can immediately start segmenting your lists by interest!🔘

4- Keep it clean! 🚿

Working design and graphics into your emails can really up their production value, but it can have the opposite effect in terms of opens and engagement.

Why? Not all users will load images when they open your email! So— if you’re going to utilize a gif or image, DON’T FORGET YOUR ALT TEXT! Otherwise your readers will end up starting at an email with big, broken image boxes.

🔘 Plain text emails on average receive higher open-rates than HTML emails. 🔘

5- Check Yo Self (yeah, you heard me!) ✅

And by checking yourself, I mean send yourself a test email. If you’re not already doing this with your emails before sending them out to your database…START! But say you have an email you think is going to result in some amazing responses and it absolutely tanks… maybe your message didn’t match your motive.

When you receive your test email, take a look at your subject line and the accompanying first sentence viewable before opening the email. Ask yourself, “does this text match the proposition of my email?”

If the answer is no, it could be why you’re not getting the opens you were expecting. When writing your subject line, it pays to stand out but don’t delineate so far from the motive of your email that your subject no longer makes sense.

🔘 Consumers who receive an offer via email and use it to make a purchase end up spending 138% more than those coming to shop on the same site through other means. 🔘

6- Avoid Red Flag Vocab 🚩

Certain words tip off spam filters so if your ISP recognizes overly-salesy language in your emails, it could get them landed directly into the spam folders of your followers. Words such as what I’ve listed below are what you’re going to want to avoid:

-Free!                          -Order Now!

-Apply Now                -Make Fast Money $$$

Most consumers today are conditioned against these more novice sales tactics anyway, so you’re not losing anything not being able to utilize them in your email copy.

7- Get Personal 💬

Every email you send out should include your personalized reply email address that is complete with your custom domain. This helps keep the responses you get organized, so you can actually reply to the people engaging with YOU. It also helps relay to your reader that the content they’re seeing is coming from a REAL person! The special touch of your personalized domain also lends to a more professional touch, making you look like even more of an authority!

If you utilize each of these tips in your next email marketing strategy, I guarantee you’ll see exponentially higher open-rates and returns. Have any other questions about email deliverability and growing your database? Ask away! I’d love to answer any and all of your questions.


by Kelly Spencer

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