What Am I Showing You?

This is an actual test of headlines in one of our clients search campaigns. The test resulted in driving more and better leads all at a lower cost per conversion.
(Conversion is when we have a persons name, email and phone number... not a click to a map page)

When You Test Different Headline Variations in Search Campaigns You Improve Results

This Small Test On One Campaign Increased Leads by 72% and Decreased Cost Per Lead by 62%

Actual Client Report

Responsive Search Ads

Why Is This Important To You?

When Testing Takes Place You Find New Ways To Improve Results!

Testing Like This Will Improve Lead Quality, Number of Leads and Increase Sales!

When You Have Quality Leads It Becomes Easier to Staff Your Internet Team Since They Can Actually Have Success!

Quality Leads and More Leads Means You Can Start Saving Money by Canceling AutoTrader and Others!

YOU Will Sell More Cars!

But Paul, We Are Already Doing This

Great! Then We Are Thinking The Same Way! I am Never Happy Doing The Same Thing Over and Over and Hope You Find My Tips Helpful.

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We just had our one-year anniversary with Potratz.

We are 60% over where we were last year at this time, as far as units sold. I attribute much of this to our relationship with Potratz. Potratz brought us into the 21st Century with our online advertising. They are an integral part of our marketing strategy. I highly recommend them!

Jill at New River AutoMall