Opening the digital door could be what your dealership needs to start driving sales miles beyond the competition.

Consider these questions in regards to your dealership:

Are your current media buys generating high quality, converting leads?

Will you lose mass awareness if you stop all traditional advertising?

Is your website capable of supporting a switch to digital?

How is the lead-handling of your BDC?

Not sure? We can do the evaluating for you.
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Most dealers spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on their traditional media buys without ever knowing how many leads are being driven because of it, or pouring money into Google because they think that’s digital marketing.
It isn’t!

The Pros of a 100% Digital Strategy:

  • Gives you the power to increase leads, phone calls & foot traffic without having to spend more to get more.
  • Highly specific targeting options.
  • Puts YOU in control; less dependent on third party lead providers.
  • Lets you personalize your messaging to individuals based off of their online behaviors.
  • Allows you to reach consumers more often and at a lower cost.
  • Faster launch times to market.
  • Better tracking and cost per performance than traditional.
  • More effective way of developing brand awareness & identity.
  • Ability to change or stop campaigns at the drop of a hat.
  • Power to penetrate specific regions for less budget & at a faster rate.

The Cons of a 100% Digital Strategy:

  • Advertising costs are increasing on Adwords.
  • Website must be optimized to convert online shoppers.
  • Lead handling processes & team must be well trained and capable of responding to your digital leads.
  • Sales managers and staff must learn how to communicate off the showroom floor, via email, text & phone.

Most of the drawbacks to running a digital strategy aren’t really drawbacks at all; they’re opportunities to improve your business and create accountability within your sales staff.

It’s all about figuring out what media mix will work best for you dealership, and creating the environment where it can work sustainably for your business.

Do you know your ideal media mix?
This is your unique marketing concoction for success; the secret recipe of media spend allocations that results in the lowest cost per conversion for your business.
Chances are you’re spending more to have less control.
That was the case with Leduc Hyundai, who realized after having their
evaluation by Potratz that they could hypertarget more specifically and
generate more leads for less if they went entirely digital.


Through powerful brand-awareness campaigns and the use of
lead ads for their new and used inventory, the dealership's analytics proved it was the right move for them.

The auto dealership switched its advertising budget to Facebook, from paid search and other digital platforms, nearly tripling its website conversions and boosting sales by 32%


Increase in website conversions


Increase in website visitiors


Increase in sales

"When we realized the ineffectiveness and out cost of other
advertising platforms, we turned to Facebook. We saw value advertising on the platform– the
ability to choose placements and targeting. The significance of moving from paid search to
Facebook speaks for itself in out sales increase!"

Greg Rempel, Dealer Principal, Leduc Hyundai

Wondering if it’s the right move for your dealership?

Fill out the evaluation and we’ll analyze your current digital budget allocations, as well as your website, and determine the ideal strategy for you. Whether you’re ready to support strong digital campaigns, or just need a change to your current traditional strategy; we’ll provide you with the information you need to get your dealership’s advertising back on track.