You’re Spending More on Advertising
But Selling Less!

This is the most common frustration I hear from business owners and upper management. Apparently you’re experiencing the same issue… or you would not be here.

You have been sold on the concept that, “everything is trackable in digital marketing,” but feel confused and lost since you are unsure of what’s working and what’s not in your advertising. The only thing you do know is your marketing vendors keep telling you everything looks great and you must spend more to get more.

If I am Selling More I Will Spend More

That’s where the problem lies since you’re not selling more, but advertising vendors are not asking what’s selling and what’s not… So how do you know if what they’re advertising is what you need to sell?

Do vendors keep saying you need to spend more with no regard to your flat or declining sales?  

Are you just spending the money and running a “Hopeful Something Works” Strategy?  

This is one of the areas I can help and I will expand a little more on this in a moment. But now it’s about you overspending, selling less and not letting this continue any longer.

I’m willing to bet you have been to a conference or read an industry magazine and now think you need SEO, SEM, Dynamic Search, Dynamic Retargeting, Conquesting, Video Pre-Roll, Facebook Ads, SnapChat Ads, Instagram IGTV, Lead Ads, Carousel Ads, Digital Retailing, OTT TV, Hulu, Pandora and a laundry list of other marketing buzz-words.

I understand why you have thought this. It’s hard not to think you’re missing something with all the vendors and manufacturers marketing to you, claiming they’re the secret to huge profits and more customers than you can handle.

You are experiencing marketing overload and have been led to believe, “if you want to make money, you must spend money”.  Not true… we can show you what’s working and what you should be doing. All of these advertising mediums or tools can work to increase sales but it takes the right mix and the right message without overspending. I can show you which vendors compliment one another and ensure you have the right message so you can sell more for less.

You Ask for Creative Ideas and The Only Ideas Vendors are Bringing are Spend More?

Which Marketing Vendors Should You Have

I am not saying replace your vendors with us… I am saying we can audit all of your current marketing and your website, then provide a written plan of what’s working and what’s not, how much to cut and where, as well as suggest new technology and tools you should consider so you can sell more.  

Don’t Fall For The Sales Pitch and Sell Less  

We’re now in a time where every company in existence is having to change to remain or regain profits. An example of this would be your local newspaper, TV and radio station. They use to sell print, TV and radio advertising and, as you know, fewer businesses are advertising on these mediums. So these companies had to adapt, and now they are selling digital marketing and giving away the ads they use to sell years ago as added value!

This is a problem for you since quite frankly they either hired a couple individuals with limited experience in digital marketing and said, “here manage these 70, 80 or 100 account digital accounts.” Again, these individuals have limited knowledge in digital marketing and no real world experience in your business, sales process or shopper behavior. To top it off, they have no idea what your unique selling proposition is or the brand you have spent years building.

Possibly you’re in a mandated program from your manufacture which quite frankly is the biggest mistake a manufacturer could make. This type of program could limit your opportunity to be unique and have a market advantage since the marketing companies would rather run all identical ad strategies for scalability. These companies are generally staffed with inexperienced workers that actually do the work. This structure also means that companies in this program can be complacent since they don’t have to be competitive. Then, the biggest factor is that after everyone gets their cut of your budget— there’s not much left for the actual advertising. Yes the manufacturer and the marketing vendor are both making a profit, and if there is an intermediary like a Shift Digital— then there are 3 companies making a profit before you.      

However all of this does not really matter since the fact is you’re spending money on advertising and sales are not increasing! You and I both know that’s a serious problem and is threatening the health of your company.

Are you running a “Just Spending the Money and Hopeful Something Works” Strategy? We can help you have a clear understanding of what needs to be changed so you can sell more with our extensive audit. (518) 631-5505 and

Flat or Declining Sales Are Not Due To Marketing Conditions or Competition

I can tell you for a fact market conditions or your competition play a smaller role in your success than you would think. You might even get defensive about that and I understand. When we are trying to move forward and our efforts are not successful, it’s human to create justifications in our mind. I can tell you it’s not your fault and in fact you’re probably doing everything you should. It’s a lot to understand and analyze to find the solution to increasing sales.

Are sales down because:

  • Money is being spent in the wrong places
  • Your website is not converting visitors to form fills and phone calls
  • Vendors are all advertising your business in a different way
  • Your advertising message does not match the message on your website
  • Ad copy is weak and not connecting with shoppers
  • Your lead handling process is not working
  • The business lacks brand and identity so the only shoppers you get are “price shoppers,” which means you are losing profit
  • Vendors are not capable or able to make your business stand out from the 80, 100 or 500 other businesses they are working for   

Again it’s not just the competition or market, it’s much more than that. There is a lot of other businesses that have the same amount or more competition and they have been able to overcome the situation and thrive, and you can also.

It becomes much simpler to achieve success when your marketing is in the right places and your sales process is on point.  

After the Audit you will know with certainty:

  • Which vendors to keep and how to measure performance
  • Which vendors should go that are not helping you reach your goals
  • What new vendors are worth considering
  • How to drive more sales without spending more money
  • How to minimize advertising vendor dependency
  • What’s working in your marketing
  • How to stand out and become a household name in your market
  • How to sell against your competitors
  • How to spend less and sell more!  

Ready for more clarity on how we sell can help you sell more? If you don’t know what specific steps to take, then how can you affect change and start selling more?

Call or email us to discuss how we have made our clients more profitable by auditing their marketing spend, strategy and sales process. Then providing a clear direction of how to change their strategy so sales increase.

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