STS Steel Case Study

STS Steel, located on Erie Blvd, is an iron fabrication company keeping Schenectady’s rich manufacturing history alive.

As a Proctor’s Theater sponsor, STS Steel needed ads created that would run online as well as in the Proctor’s arcade for their sponsored show of the season. Sponsors are delegated a performance each season that they will be the headlining supporter for, allowing their advertising to take center stage for that given show.

When STS Steel came to us, they let us know their sponsored performance was Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. Our objective? To create a simple image that managed to connect STS and the famous Roald Dahl story, highlighting STS Steel sa a sponsor and expressing their importance to the fabric of the community.

By utilizing imagery easily associated with the structural work STS Steel does and translating them as candy, we were able to connect the two subjects of the ad— STS and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Wanting to provide variation, we utilized both still and animated versions.

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