For Years...You Have Wanted to Track Individuals That Have Clicked on a PPC Ad Then Walked Into The Store.

Today It's a Reality.

Store Visits Tracking for PPC Campaigns is Available at Potratz.

The days of spending money on marketing without knowing if it's working would be over if we managed your PPC, Retargeting and Facebook Advertising.

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Selling Cars Online? Make More Money!

Selling Cars Online?

Does it make sense to let shoppers buy a car through your website without ever visiting the dealership? Will You Lose Gross or Will It Be a Unique Selling Proposition?

Find Out Now

We just had our one-year anniversary with Potratz.

We are 60% over where we were last year at this time, as far as units sold. I attribute much of this to our relationship with Potratz. Potratz brought us into the 21st Century with our online advertising. They are an integral part of our marketing strategy. I highly recommend them!

Jill at New River AutoMall