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Big Data is our secret sauce, even with Video and TV advertising. Often, we get asked "Do you do any traditional?" The answer? Yes— but it's not your Grandma's traditional advertising.

What's Different?

We have 188 million automotive consumer data records and every second of our video production is scripted, shot, and produced by us... even the running footage is shot, on location, in a client's market.

Not only do our clients receive great production quality, that is uniquely customized to them, we also have the technology to target specific homes and viewers with our custom video message on some video networks.

We even report to our clients when someone watched their video and walked into the showroom.

Not only do we fully produce your videos but we can do the media planning and placement for you.

Call or email us to discuss your video marketing campaign 518-788-4724 or sales@ppadv.com

Where we are.

We want to be wherever your audience is and our programmatic media planning means that the 30 million consumers who have cut the cord aren't also cutting you!

From Spotify to NBC, Hulu to iHeart and beyond — you can find our always-custom, never-stock video content. Here are a few of our partners…

But — even the best media buying and planning still requires quality content to drive conversions. Have the Potratz Video Team create high-quality, engaging videos for your business like the ones we’ve done for past clients below! Watch now to see what we’re made of.

Some Sample Videos


2018 Camry Branding Lifestyle

Ford SuperDuty Lifestyle

Family Matters Lifestyle

Heart of Chicago

Convertible Beetle

Dealership Anniversary Lifestyle

facebook animated ads


Your Credit Situation

March Mania


Spring Into Savings

No Bull Sales Event

faq videos


Check Engine Light




Ask Ryan: Team Motivation

hard sell

Big One Sales Event

Year End Event

Fight to 800

Model Year End Sale

Weekend Sales Event

Triple Rebate Saga


New Vehicle Test Drive

Fight to Sell 800!

Payment Vacation

pre roll

Black Friday

Virtual Deal PreRoll

Hurricane Harvey

Tire Savings Event

Memorial Day

Bad Credit

sales event

Love Your Car Event

Model Year-End Flash Sale

Upgrade Your Ride

Garage Sale

You Choose

Payment Vacation


Mazda Direct

The Money You’ll Save

5K Test Drive

McGuyver of PreApproval

Not For Humans

Bigger, Better Deal

social ads

Father In Law

All New Dealership

Life Is Hard, Buying A Car Shouldn’t Be

Kids Shop Here

Free Car Delivery

Test Drive Video


On The Ranch

It Takes a Family

Gary & His Corvette

It’s All About Atmosphere

Moms Buy Chevy

Friends & Family Welcome

walkaround videos

2019 Chevy Silverado Walkaround

2019 Toyota Camry Walkaround

2017 Toyota RAV4 Platinum Walkaround

Radio Spots